[Image Description: graphic of an easel saying: "Hey! Risen wants you! Calling all: artists, writers, photographers, creatives"]
Art by Lizzie Suarez

Hello Risen Readers and newbies!

Thank you for wanting to share your work with us! Risen is made to be a supportive space for creative young minds who passionately advocate for their principles. We want young people to feel like what they have to say is important, because it is, and it always has been, despite what the masses say. 

What kind of work do we want to see?

We are looking for pieces that address social issues from your perspective. We are an amazing community of diverse young people and we are here to showcase your voices and perspectives. Please look through our past pieces and on our social media to get a sense of who we are!

That being said, we are primarily looking for personal essays and photo/art essays. Personal essays, typically between 750-1000 words, should draw on your personal experiences to give advice, send a message, or otherwise address an important issue. Examples of personal essays are here, here, here, and here

Photo/art essays, typically between 4-8 images, are a series of photos or art pieces that go together. Often, these should be accompanied by text explaining your work. Also, always include image descriptions for any images you include (for people with screen readers!). Examples of photo/art essays are here, here, and here

We also accept creative work, particularly poetry. Please send in any context or explanation that is needed, especially if your work is more abstract. Some creative writing we love is here, here, and here

What if I want you to interview me or review my work(book/music/etc)?

If you are a young person or feel like young people could benefit from your work or life experiences, get in touch! We are always looking for new people and media to highlight! Email us @ to let us know about you!

What if I have a topic I think you should write about?

We’d love to hear it! Email and we’ll try and find someone awesome who can talk about it! If it’s something you have strong feelings about or personal experience with, we encourage you to try your hand out at writing about it, even if you’ve never written before! Your voice can not be replicated, and we’ll work with you to make it shine. 

What if I have another type of work?

We want to see whatever you have to say. If you want to check-in with us first, feel free to DM us on Instagram, @risenzine.

What if my work has been published somewhere else before?

We prefer previously unpublished work, but if you have something you think is particularly suited to us and has been published before, send in your submission, but make sure to include where and when it was previously published, and make sure you have permission to repost!

Ok, I understand the rules, so how do I submit?

Submit finalised works to along with your name (you can choose to stay anonymous), age, how you would like to be referred to in terms of pronouns, state/country and a short bio about yourself. Please also include where you heard about Risen!

We’ll get back to you within a few weeks. We might ask you to work with us to edit your piece before we publish but know that you never have to do anything to your work that you’re not comfortable with. Please be honest with us, we promise we are very understanding. 

By submitting, you’re giving us the right to share your work (with credit!) on our site and social media. However, if we share your work you can always ask us to remove it in the future if things change.

What if I don't hear back from you?

We sincerely apologize if this happens to you! We are a volunteer team and sometimes we don't get to things as quickly as we'd like. If you don't hear back after 2 weeks, feel free to send us a follow up email or message us on Instagram @risenzine.