[Image Description: The outline of a bird with spread wings over a contrasting background with images of leaves. Over the bird is the word risen.]
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Our History:

Risen was founded by former editor-in-chief Jazmine Alcon and former member Priscila Hernandez. We launched our website on August 22nd, 2015 and have been growing and changing since then. We serve to amplify the voices of the youth that are often disregarded and silenced by society. We started as a group of teens who wanted to speak on social justice issues but didn't have a formal outlet to use so we created Risen. The world of creative youths who are acknowledged on a "professional" level is more often than not filled with closed doors, so we decided to create our own.

Our Mission Statement:

To empower young people from around the world in activism, writing, art and their intersections through creating a radically accessible & supportive online community of young creatives.

Contact Us!

risenzine@gmail.comfor questions, comments, suggestions, or possible collabs!

risensubmission@gmail.comfor submissions and questions for any current advice columns

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