Risen was founded by former editor-in-chief Jazmine Alcon and former member Priscila Hernandez; it is now curated by Amelia Foy and Cia Mangat. We serve to amplify the voices of the youth that are often disregarded and silenced by society. We first started out as a group of teens who wanted to speak on social justice issues but didn't have a formal outlet to use so we created Risen. The world of creative youths who are acknowledged on a "professional" level is more often than not filled with closed doors, so we decided to create our own. We have recently expanded to speaking from only societal and political issues to about the daily things that teenagers think, do, and are too afraid to say as well.

Risen is a safe space for creative young minds who passionately advocate for their principles. We launched our website on August 22, 2015 and have began our journey since then. We want teens to feel like what they have to say is important because it is, it always has been despite what masses say. We're here to give teenagers a platform to stand on and speak their minds boldly and unapologetically. Learning and educating is a journey that we are excited to be on. Trek on, young minds! We are millennials on the move to rise above all odds.

As of 2016, Risen is a member of the Creative Zine Coalition (CVC).

risenzine@gmail.com for inquiries about the site or just comments and suggestions you'd like to share!
risensubmission@gmail.com for reader submissions and reader questions
Check the submit page for guidelines on what and what not to submit!
*If we've posted a photo or an art piece of yours that you want us to take down, please email the first email stated above and we will take it down right away!*

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