[Image Description: A line drawing of two people embracing with the words This Is How We Love, a magazine cut-out that says Make Love Not Walls, and the words Queeries, An LGBTQ+ and Advice Column]

Queeries is an advice column for LGBTQ+ (including questioning!) youth.

It’s our way of sharing what we’ve learned as geographically and ethnically diverse young queer people. Read more to learn how you can submit a question or how you can help share what you’ve learned in your own life.

Got a Question?

Submit your question through the Google form here or in our bio (@risenzine on Instagram)

All questions are shared anonymously. Sharing your contact info is optional but recommended so that we can follow up with you.

Questions can be as long or short as you want, and as specific or general as you want.

While we have a variety of perspectives on our team, we aren’t qualified to answer every question. If we aren’t able to answer your question, we’ll let you know (if you chose to provide contact info).

Remember that our responses are the perspective of at most a few people. We can only share from our experiences and there are many more perspectives, opinions, and possible answers to each situation.

Want to Share Advice?

If you are an LGBTQ+ person interested in sharing your life experience there are two options.

1)  If you have a specific experience that you want to talk about or a piece of advice you want to give, send it to us a personal essay! Check out our submission page for more info. Message or email us if you want to discuss this option more.

2)  Be on file to answer queeries!

a)   To do this, email or dm us with your name, age, contact info, pronouns, gender identity and sexuality, and a description of who you are and your experiences including relationship with your family, racial/ethnic background, coming out experience, past ways you’ve identified, etc.

b)  Only share what you are comfortable with, but the more you share the better we can match you with relevant questions.

c)  We will not publicly share any of your information without your permission

d)  Once you get your info on file, we will reach out if we receive a queerie that seems like a good fit for you

e)  You may answer questions anonymously