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Emily Bourne (she/her) is a writer and creative from the East of England. She enjoys making queer and disabled people feel powerful in their identities through her work. Follow her Instagram to learn more!


Aiden Tsen (he/they/she) is a proud autistic, LGBT activist, public speaker and amateur writer/poet from London. His main cause is disabled access and rights and has been with the disability charity KEEN London since 2017, though he is now exploring other intersections of his identity. They run their own blog and art Instagram, and can also be found on their personal Instagram account and LinkedIn!

Sam Moore is a writer, artist, and one of the founding editors of Third Way Press. They have written for the LA Review of Books, the Brixton Review of Books, Baffler, I-D, and other places. Their first book, All my teachers died of AIDS, was published by Pilot Press in 2020.

Tanya Singh is an Indian trans, non-binary, panromatic asexual SW, writer, poet and editor. Their work has appeared in Gone Lawn, Minola Review, Polyphony H.S, and elsewhere, and has been recognized by the Times of India and Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest, among other places. They are the founder & editor-in-chief of The Cerurove, a literary & arts magazine. Their chapbook Heaven is Only a Part of Our Body Where All the Sickness Resides was published by Ghost City Press in 2018. Find them on Twitter: @TanyaJVSingh. 

Submissions Manager

Kseniia Gridneva or Kay (She/They) is a Russian writer based in Liverpool UK. Moved when she was 17, Kay discusses themes of belonging and dealing with tough emotions in her writing. Her goal is to reach at least one person at a time with her writing and give them a virtual hug that they need.

Social Media Management Team

Danielle is an artist, small business owner and an art history and business management university student from England. She creates artwork inspired by the ocean on different items which she sells on her Etsy. Danielle uses acrylic paint to create her beach inspired artworks and also uses other art materials to create different themes of art. As well as art Danielle is also interested in social media marketing which she wants to peruse after graduating university. 

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Our Creative Team

Cherry Walker is a writer, musician and filmmaker from London, UK. She loves being surrounded by all types of written art and music and is currently trying to fight for broader queer representation within the Film, Television, and Music Industries, one word at a time. Usually found with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, she loves ranting about all types of visual media, especially television and video games. She also co-owns a small film company who are trying to spread the word about broader representation within film. 

CJ Calanday is a Filipina artist from London. She dabbles in digital art and mixed media, as well as traditional illustration and photography. Her work features everything from her experiences as a bi WOC to politics, pop culture and her daydreams. You'll most likely catch her watching conspiracy theory videos or Louis Theroux. 

Desanka Vorkapich is an artist attending Western University in Canada. She finds the most inspiration from Yayoi Kusama’s artwork and her favorite media to use are markers. When she isn’t studying, you can either catch her listening to Flume or dreaming about the day she lives in Greenwich Village in NYC. Desanka is most passionate about mental health. 

Dilaye(she/her) is an artist, community organizer & makeup enthusiast with an undergraduate degree in Criminology and law. Oh, and she’s queer! Dilaye is prison abolitionist & is dedicated to fighting for the liberation of Black people all over the globe. She also likes to spend her free time picking up new hobbies; last month was gouache paint & this month she’s learning two languages. A little on the eccentric side, no matter the season, you can always find her with an iced coffee in hand!

Jazmin Diaz is an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves all forms of art from makeup to sculpture. Currently, she is studying graphic design at Long Beach State. She is very passionate about social justice issues and wants her art to raise awareness about them. Her other interests include nature, writing, and Studio Ghibli films.

Keira DiGaetano is a writer, tea drinker, and bee enthusiast. She loves all modern art and baked goods and is really just trying her hardest right now. Her work is constantly inspired and defined by the people around her, as well as the media she consumes. She will gladly talk for hours about the importance of feminism in mainstream movies and TV. This program made possible with support from viewers like you.

Lucy Bax (she/her), is a student in England with a love for making and eating good food that makes you, and others feel good! Her Instagram handle is @lucybaxinthekitchen - check it out if you fancy!

Marte Lindholm is a visual artist and law student currently based in Oslo, Norway. Her paintings focus on people and their connections to nature and its changes, as well as exploring issues of femininity and politics. Other interests include nature, drinking tea, indoor plants and reading. You can find her art on Instagram (@marte.li). 

Merrie LeMaître is a home-educated writer and dancer from Brighton, UK. She enjoys writing random articles for her friends, discussing the merits of iced tea and talking about inspirational women campaigners. She’d like to change the world through her writing but it’s quite a big job and she’s only just getting started. You can usually find her trying on lipstick, rolling on the ground screaming with laughter or telling people that the shortening of her name is “Merrie as in Merry Christmas”.

Ruthie Zolla is a precocious young feminist from the heart of Chicago. She enjoys roaming the streets in search of used bookstores and good bargains. Always wearing high heels, Ruthie champions the causes she cares about: serving underprivileged communities, women’s rights, political activism, environmental action...the list goes on. In her free time, Ruthie can be found dancing to Lorde, journaling, tutoring small children, drinking strong coffee, and being with her lovely friends.

Jackie Huang (she/her) is a high school from New York and Beijing. As an avid writer, especially in poetry, she strives to write in concise and simple language to reflect deeper meanings of identity, social issues and other weird ideas. You can either find her sipping milk tea, eating dominos, curled up in bed or outside playing tennis or traveling with her friends and family.

İren Şerbetcioğlu (she/her) is a young aspiring writer and poet from Turkey. She loves to read, listen to music and have weird arguments about any type of media. She loves to write analyses and criticism about any form of art, as well as dabbling in creative writing. She advocates for mental health, women rights and LGBT rights in Turkey. She hopes to inform people with her writing.