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Art by Lizzie Suarez

We are now looking for creatives to become a part of our Risen team! If you’re interested, please read below, fill out the application, and email it to us over at risenzine@gmail.com. We understand that the application has lengthened over time but we just want to be more thorough and make sure people are committed to what they are signing up for, and that they are right for Risen. We look forward to your applications! Good luck everyone!

Who We're Looking For:

  • Main Priority: Artists & Photographers
  • Film Makers
  • Writers
  • Others (Contact us through DM if you want to apply as something else and aren’t sure if it fits us!)

Requirements for Applicants:

  • You must be at least 14 years old to apply
  • You must be able to download an app called “Telegram” if you're accepted, which will be used for day to day communication.

In your application message:
  • State your name, age, country, Instagram, and how you found out about Risen applications on the first line.
  • Tell us exactly what role you’re applying for at Risen (artist, writer, photographer, etc.)
  • Submit a piece that displays your work, talent, and skills. There are no themes, so it is up to you to create something of your own that displays what you stand for, who you are, and concepts you are passionate about. You must have at least a paragraph that explains your piece(s) of work. Remember what Risen stands for! Feel free to look into past pieces we have done if you need some inspiration. You are applying to work for Risen, so we’d like to make sure you will fit right in!
  • Write at least a paragraph of what you’d do to further where Risen stands at the moment and how you can make our space better for you and readers, and what Risen means to you, personally.

We'd also like you to answer two of the following questions, however you see fit. Please be honest!

  • How much free time do you have to create art or take photos/film? How are you planning to make sure you will have time to create content for Risen?
  • What individual projects do you have in mind that you are looking forward to creating if you are accepted? You can talk about concepts, genres, or you can get super specific! 
  • When faced with creative block, what do you do?
  • How would you describe your work ethic? When faced with a deadline, are you the type to plan ahead or procrastinate til the last day? (No hate to procrastinators, we just need to know if your work is A1 and that it’s STILL in time).

We’d also like you to answer these two questions - your responses don’t have to be particularly long.
  1.  What is your opinion on activism? Talk about activists, organizers, or organizations that have inspired you. 
  2. Tell us about your work or school schedule and how much time you are willing to commit to Risen.

*Note that when submitting an application to Risen, you are applying to not only do a job but work with people (more than 30) and communicate with the majority of them on a regular basis, not only to throw around ideas about work, but also to discuss issues going on worldwide. Risen is not a business-only place; of course, we care a lot about what we produce and how to organize our content + upcoming events, but we are more than anything, a family. 

We will disagree on many things no doubt, but you will come to find long-time friends within this space we have created. We need to know that you are fully committed to this, fully committed to creating exceptional work, fully committed to having an open mind, fully committed to accepting critique, and fully committed to working towards making change. 

Phew! If you think you’re ready, answer each of the bullet points specified above and email it to us at risenzine@gmail.com with “Application: (Artist/Photographer/Filmmaker/etc.)” as the title.
The deadline is August 20: no late applications will be accepted, no exceptions. We wish you the best, and hope to see some of you talented folks at the finish line!

If you have any questions, please contact the Risen Instagram DM (@risenzine) and the Risen Twitter DM (@risenzine). Please do not ask questions through the Risen email.

Jazmine Alcon & Amelia Foy


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If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi, contact us at risenzine@gmail.com!