Amelia A J Foy is a 20-year-old creative based in the UK interested in bad puns and creating art promoting social change and self-expression, particularly surrounding queer issues. Her hobbies include art and writing mostly and if you see her walking down the street she'll be miming badly to music and smiling at dogs as they pass her. Follow her on Instagram.

Cia Mangat is a sixteen year old nerd from London. Her mum thinks she's cool, despite the fact that her greatest passions in life are bad poetry, Bend It Like Beckham and documentaries made by the BBC. (Alliteration and Nando's are pretty far up the list too.) You can send help to her (ideally, in the form of working biros or Peri Peri sauce) via Twitter or Instagram.

Amy Krimm is a 17 year old artist and filmmaker from the Washington D.C. area who loves hiking and spending time in nature.  You can probably find her embroidering all 0f her clothes, drinking tea or listening to SZA. She is very passionate about human rights, especially equality of educational opportunities for girls around the world. Keep up with Amy on her Instagram or Twitter.

Lit Director

Adele Lukusa is an eighteen year old Congolese writer struggling to get her journalism degree at Ryerson University. When she isn’t running around trying to finish schoolwork, she can be found dancing, criticizing literature/TV/film for fun, trying her hand in multiple forms of art and just waiting for Canadian weather to take a break and finally give her some semblance of warm weather. In the future, she hopes to see more people accept the beauty that is representation (in all aspects) and Netflix’s (best) series, The Get Down. Feel free to catch her yelling nonsensically on Instagram and Twitter @uhhhdele, or through email at adelelukusa@gmail.com.

CJ Calanday  is a 19 year old Filipina artist from London. She dabbles in digital art and mixed media, as well as traditional illustration and photography. Her work features everything from her experiences as a bi WOC to politics, pop culture and her daydreams. You'll most likely catch her watching conspiracy theory videos or Louis Theroux. Keep up with her art on Instagram.

Jazmin Diaz is a 18 year old artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves all forms of art from makeup to sculpture. Currently, she is studying graphic design at Long Beach State. She is very passionate about social justice issues and wants her art to raise awareness about them. She is a music fanatic, always searching for new tunes to listen to (follow her on Spotify for some fire playlists). Her other interests include nature, writing, and Studio Ghibli films. You can keep up with her adventures by following her on Twitter or Instagram.

Emily Bourne is a seventeen year old creative being from England. She likes to make art that people call “unique”, when they actually mean “kinda weird” and writing bad poetry or random excerpts for a book she won’t ever write. You can find her on Instagram.

Brynna Nunez is a 17 year old artist from Fayetteville,  North Carolina. She likes all forms of art but her favorite media to work with is watercolor, however, she is currently loving social practice art. Brynna is passionate about social justice issues and always wants her art to dive a little deeper, reflecting the world around her. When she is not making art or stressing about school you can find Brynna bargain hunting at TJ Maxx or hanging with friends in her small town. Follow her on Instagram @brynnanunez

Ruthie Zolla  is a precocious young feminist from the heart of Chicago. She enjoys roaming the streets in search of used bookstores and good bargains. Always wearing high heels, Ruthie champions the causes she cares about: serving underprivileged communities, women’s rights, political activism, environmental action...the list goes on. In her free time, Ruthie can be found dancing to Lorde, journaling, tutoring small children, drinking strong coffee, and being with her lovely friends. Ruthie is a freshman. 
Misa River , a queer film student living in Johannesburg, South Africa. She/They aspire(s) to create poc and lgtbq+ focused content in film and other forms of art. You'll find her/them wandering the streets in Paris in a few years time.
Mail: misariver.sa@gmail.com| Instagram | Twitter  | Blog | 
Vita Pearl is a writer, over-thinker and everything-enthusiast from Birmingham, England. She is possibly  the most excitable person in the world. She hopes to use journalism to bring about social change and as an excuse to talk to incredible people. In her free time, she has Falsettos and the Great Comet on loop, spends time with her dog Ruby (the love of her life), looks for metaphors where there aren't any and cares too much.

Anjali is a 16 year old self titled writer who tries her best to actually write stuff, but continuously fails. Interested in politics and philosophy, most of her work is about injustices and the ways we think about these injustices. When she isn't doing college work or reading books about race and politics, she is watching sitcoms like Bojack Horseman or Peep Show and Louis Theroux documentaries or worrying about her future.
Keira is a sixteen year old writer, tea drinker, and bee enthusiast. She loves all modern art and baked goods and is really just trying her hardest right now. Her work is constantly inspired and defined by the people around her, as well as the media she consumes. She will gladly talk for hours about the importance of feminism in mainstream movies and TV. This program made possible with support from viewers like you.
Imani Marie Joseph is a unicorn who's big hair happens to cover her horn. She is a prisoner in the Chicago public system, Ravenclaw, hip hop head, poet, activist, and loud mouth. To find Imani just follow the smell of coconut curling cream, frizzy hair, neon colored fits, big hoops, and loud headphones. Imani is passionate about politics, fashion, books, and BLACK
PEOPLE. Follow her on Instagram at mani_bug_.
Merrie LeMaître is a 14 yr old home-educated writer and dancer from Brighton, UK. She enjoys writing random articles for her friends and discussing the merits of iced tea and talking about inspirational women campaigners. She’d like to change the world through her writing but it’s quite a big job and she’s only just getting started. You can usually find her trying on lipstick, rolling on the ground screaming with laughter or telling people that the shortening of her name is “Merrie as in Merry Christmas”, which is a full time job.
Ellanora Lerner is a child of the Jewish diaspora and the ocean. You can find her talking about queerness, the education system, or Regina Spektor. She likes things that involve words and making the world a better place. Learn more on Instagram (@ellanoruhhh) or Tumblr (@rainewrights).

Dajiana Huang is a seventeen-year-old Taiwanese-American filmmaker and photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of her many interests include watching the Norwegian T.V. show SKAM, scoring great finds at the thrift store, and singing! You can follow her on Instagram: @dajianahuang

Helen Bradshaw is a teenager living in Florida. She is a dog enthusiast, loves 80s music, as well as clouds, and is a textbook Capricorn. You can find her on instagram, (@helenbrads) or at the nearest place that serves ice cream.
Sophie is a queer, vegetarian feminist who loves to switch up her appearance on a day to day basis. She enjoys taking edgy photos and covering everything within her reach in glitter. As a self proclaimed nerd and Harry Potter fanatic she enjoys reading and learning new things. Her piercing and tattoo collection is gradually growing as well as her array of hair colours.
Celka Rice is a seventeen year old from Baltimore Maryland. She’s at Risen for photography (probably her greatest passion) but she’s also a writer, runner, rock climber, and ceramicist. An avid feminist, her current obsessions include Klein blue, Los Angeles, and the architectural similarities between deserts and skate parks. You can find her on Instagram at celk.a