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Amelia A J Foy is a 19-year-old creative based in the UK interested in bad puns and creating art promoting social change and self-expression, particularly surrounding queer issues. Her hobbies include art and writing mostly and if you see her walking down the street she'll be miming badly to music and smiling at dogs as they pass her. Follow her on Instagram.

Cia Mangat is a fifteen year old nerd from London. Her mum thinks she's cool, despite the fact that her greatest passions in life are bad poetry, Bollywood and documentaries made by the BBC. (Alliteration and Nando's are pretty far up the list too.) You can send help to her (ideally, in the form of working biros or Peri Peri sauce) via Twitter or Instagram.


Sam Falb is a 16 year old, Maryland-based writer with a passion for the environment and love of writing. He has lots of feelings about animal rights, feminism, and climate change and hopes to make a real impact in making the planet a more sustainable, green world for everyone. Sam is super happy to be a part of the Risen team and excited to contribute to the magazine! The best way to keep up with him is probably on Instagram.

Charis Huling is a 17 year old artist from Baltimore. She's a vegan who loves fashion, journaling, the city, and 60's culture (you know, minus the racism). She attends Parsons School of Design in New York and is very passionate about social issues, Parks & Rec, and coffee.
twitter: @uncoolcharis
instagram: @cozycharis

Amy Krimm is a 16 year old artist from the Washington D.C. area who loves hiking and spending time in nature.  You can probably find her embroidering all 0f her clothes, doodling in her school notebooks or hanging out with her local girl gang. She is very passionate about social justice and loves writing letters (even though she often forgets to send them!). Keep up with Amy on her Instagram or Twitter.

Laura F (flaura) Born on the Day of the Revolution in Mexico, Laura wants to create a revolution of her own. Throughout her short artistic career, she has experimented with short videos, paintings, and photography. She hopes to speak out about racism, sexism, and immigrant rights through art and other creative outlets. She hopes to inspire the children of a new revolution. She spends most of her time pretending not to be stressed out about school while listening to Beach House and true crime podcasts. You can find Laura on her personal Instagram: @cyborglaura and her art account: @flaura.art

CJ Calanday is a 18 year old Filipina, digital doodler from South London. She is a sucker for psychological thrillers, anything with a good bass line and likes making art that people can get a kick out of. You can view her weird-ass work on her art Instagram @chaariz, or keep up with her antics on her main account @cjcalanday. 

Jazmin Diaz is a 17 year old artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is very passionate about social justice issues and wants her art to raise awareness about them. She enjoys music, sunsets, coffee, and Studio Ghibli films. She loves all forms of art from makeup to oil painting and is an aspiring graphic designer. She hopes to some day travel the world, meeting new people and trying new foods along the way. You can keep up with her adventures on her Instagram.

Viyanca Bennett is 19 yr old a Black Tsalagi artist from McDonough, GA. She works mostly with traditional media, creating portraits inspired by Black and Native America. Much of her work centers around Mixed experiences in modern America, as well as issues such as cultural appropriation and racism. When she isn't doing all of this serious stuff, you can find her watching Korean dramas and listening to Kpop and Spanish music. You can follow Viyanca on Instagram @vykart and RedBubble under the same name. 

Emily Bourne is a sixteen year old from London. She creates a mess and calls it art. 

Christina Elaine, also known as Tina, Teenie or just plain Tee, is an aspiring filmmaker and writer from New York City. They love to dabble and leave a piece of them in a little bit of everything, and hopes to be able to spend the rest of their life helping others and doing what they love. They are a proud cat owner, secret dog lover, occasional cooker, and full-time punk enthusiast. 
Instagram: @teenisan
Email: tinatography@gmail.com

Simone Timol is a 17 year old writer and drama queen from Florida, though she's northern at heart. She is a Libra, practically lives off strawberry ice cream, and loves her dog more than anything in the world. She spends most of her time making playlists and writing poetry, which she then throws away. Simone would love to publish a novel some day, and aspires to create space in the literature world for women, especially women of color. You can keep up with her on Instagram.

Ruthie Zolla is a precocious 7th grade feminist from Chicago. When she's not stressing out about school, she can be found running through the streets of Chicago looking for grimy thrift shops and hip new coffeehouses. Her blog, Confessions of an Uptight Hippie, features her liberal views on present day issues. She loves lots of things, including the smell of rain, Ray Bradbury's short stories, Broad City, and creamy drinks. Proud to be a member of the Risen team, Ruthie will shoot for the moon, one word at a time!
Ruthie can be reached through:

Instagram- @ladyrue_

Tumblr- @ruthietheriveter "Confessions of an Uptight Hippie"

Peyton Upchurch, 16, is an intersectional feminist, competitive dancer, writer, artist, and amateur photographer from western NC. She is outspoken and wishes to advocate for anything equality-driven. She loves animals, coffee, and concerts, but mostly she's just learning how to exist and be inspired by the things around her. Peyton believes that art can change the world, and she hopes to reach out to others alongside the talented Risen team! Instagram is p.eytxn and her tumblr is stellarlyy.

Terra Walls is a high-spirited 17 year old writer and multi media artist from San Jose, California. She's an avid lover of sunsets and a dessert addict, who absorbs positivity and self-love.When she isn't busy taking photos or writing articles on equality for her high school newspaper, she can be found blogging about music and fashion, and blasting Childish Gambino and Melanie Martinez in her room. Find her on Instagram (@t.lw) and on tumblr (@contracries).

Stella Nico, 14, is a writer based in New England. Her work and message is visible towards fighting injustices and seeking the truth. She's also big on Shakespeare and sharks.
Business inquires: stellageorgian.busi@gmail.com

Misa River , a queer film student living in Johannesburg, South Africa. She aspires to make a difference in the films she will make. Her love for the filmmaker Baz Lurhman is visible in her everyday life. (They also share the same birthday). She can't dance but she can write and act. Her spirit animal is a tiger. She's been a vegetarian/vegan for 8 years and she's happier than ever. 

Mail: misariver.sa@gmail.com| Instagram | Twitter  | Blog | 

Vita Pearl is a writer and everything-enthusiast living in Birmingham, England. She is probably the most excitable person in the world (and because of that, she may be prone to exaggeration). In her free time, she collages, tries to get her eyeliner even, listens to the Front Bottoms, cries over musicals and cares too much about everything.

Alexis Daigle is a 16 year old girl from Wisconsin. She enjoys collecting unnecessary hoards of makeup, loud pop music, reading zodiac posts on Tumblr, and intersectional feminism. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in marketing and finally achieve her life's goal of adopting three million dogs. If you wish to find her online, she is on Instagram and Twitter. Her email is alexisdaigle083@gmail.com. Please send her pictures of your pets.

Tyler Taylor is a woke black teenager. She is 15 years old and resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. She is the epitome of a Pisces, an avid lemonade enthusiast, a feminist, a natural hair lover, and a vegetarian 3 days out of the week. When she isn't writing, she enjoys photography and traveling. You can find her on Instagram @tyler.taylorr or email her at tvlertaylor@gmail.com 

Adele Lukusa is a seventeen year old Congolese girl from Canada. In her free time, she enjoys making collages, reading (and criticizing) YA novels, taking amateurish pictures, making/singing references that no one understands and laughing at memes. In the future, she hopes to become a writer and journalist set on bringing the world honest representations of POCs and/or LGBTQ+ people in fiction and educating others about racism, sexism and more. Feel free to catch her on Instagram and Twitter @uhhhdele. 

Daniela Ramirez is a 17-year-old aspiring writer from Miami, Florida who spends too much time daydreaming and doodling. She loves learning and discovering new things and is extremely honored to be able to work with so many talented, knowledgeable people. Music, art, and history are a few of her many interests. She hopes to inspire others with her writing and convey her passion for equality and social justice. If you wish to contact her:
Instagram: @danii.rmrz/ @dani.rmrz (private account)
Twitter: danii_rmrz
Email: danisophi1230@gmail.com

Caleb Anthony is a writer, photographer and intersectional feminist who lives in the busy city of New York. He's a lover of sunsets, the color yellow, horror movies and really fat cats. He likes to make short films and takes joy in making other people angry because of his bad jokes. You'll often see him taking pictures of his friends, flowers, and his dog--or simply writing poetry about his life and experiences. He's in a band, and he thinks that makes him really cool (but it doesn't.) He's also a bit too loud and too honest, but he claims it's because he's an Aries. You'll typically see him in action and trying to maintain a perfect Instagram feed on @atiredblueboy.

Anjali is a 16 year old self titled writer who tries her best to actually write stuff, but continuously fails. Interested in politics and philosophy, most of her work is about injustices and the ways we think about these injustices. When she isn't doing college work or reading books about race and politics, she is watching sitcoms like Bojack Horseman or Peep Show and Louis Theroux documentaries or worrying about her future.

Keira is a sixteen year old writer, tea drinker, and bee enthusiast. She loves all modern art and baked goods and is really just trying her hardest right now. Her work is constantly inspired and defined by the people around her, as well as the media she consumes. She will gladly talk for hours about the importance of feminism in mainstream movies and TV. This program made possible with support from viewers like you.

Dajiana Huang (A.K.A. Daj) is a fifteen-year-old Taiwanese-American filmmaker and photographer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys singing, sarcastic humor, watching The Office and Steven Universe, thrifting, indie rock music, and fangirling over Rami Malek and Nathan Zed (two of her many zaddies). Her goals are to speak six languages fluently (she's currently learning Spanish, French, and Chinese), learn how to play the bass guitar, and own a cat (or five)!
Instagram: @intangiblething  Tumblr: vacwms.tumblr.com

Vivian Liao is an aspiring photographer who believes in honest, cathartic art. She loves Tim Burton, iced coffee, impressionist art, and vinyls. Her art evolves around the constant on-goings of everyday life. You can find her in the humble dwelling of her room, watching shows into the AM. Keep up with her on  Instagram via @nvstalgic. 

Laila is a 14 year old aspiring photographer from Queens, NY. She enjoys watching the news, 90210, Gossip Girl & doing her makeup in the time that she is not taking pictures. Laila likes to take scenic photographs and occasionally, pictures of people. This high school freshman works hard at perfecting her craft, this has been her passion since "six" years old. You can follow her Instagram @basicallylaila.

Sharon Anatole is a 15 year old photographer based in Reading, England, home of Jeremy Kyle and Sundara Karma.  She loves sunsets & ice cream, and you can find her in a cafe taking pictures of coffee for her instagram, @sharononvenus.

Lexi Malavet is a zealous creative and somewhat-turbulent multipotentialite. They often think of themselves as the human reincarnation of all the moon’s blasted pieces, collectively stitched together by an uninhibited thunderstorm drumming a distant sea, a nomad’s abandoned fire in a winter forest (kept burning by some cosmic energy, and a pinch of subtle mystery), and a field full of early morning fog. When they’re not quietly wandering the earth, reading love poems to plants, and hiding letters for strangers, you can catch them frantically crafting stories through a variety of mediums - sometimes taking breaks to stargaze, lucid dream, or have spontaneous dance parties. They hope to one day help restore our consciousness, well-being, and ancient connection to each other and the land, as well as utterly understand all the inter-woven workings of the world in any means they can.
Email: leximalavet@gmail.com | Instagram: @lexi.malavet.

Rachel Oyawale is a sixteen-year-old photographer, visual artist and singer/songwriter based in London. She is a passionate intersectional feminist who wants all people to see the immense beauty and value within themselves. Rachel's interests include fresh fruit, Jeff Buckley, jazz music and fighting the system. You can keep up with her on Instagram (@rachel_oya)/(@frshfces) and on soundcloud.

Helen Bradshaw is a teenager living in Florida. She is a dog enthusiast, loves 80s music, as well as clouds, and is a textbook Capricorn. You can find her on instagram, (@helenbrads) or at the nearest place that serves ice cream.

Zoe Crute is a 15 year old photographer from Washington DC, with interests in fashion photography and portraiture. She strongly enjoys Green tea lattes, Harry Styles and Netflix.

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