Poem: Nani


[Image Description: An old Indian woman sitting on the bus. Her hands are on the seat in front of her. We do not see her face.]

Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels
Poem by Tanvi Jeph


She had Dyed black hair mixed with some white hair A red bindi on her forehead placed symmetrically She used to drape a sari with a lot of patterns on it She was my nani, my grandmother, my friend

My nani used to make the best achaar that I ever had My palate still has that tangy flavour of her achaar Afterall it was mixed with love and selflessness of hers I have bitter-sweet memories of her, mostly sweet

We both used to dance to old retro hindi songs She was always ready to do an impromptu for me Nani used to tell me ghost stories of her village Some of them sounded fake but she said they weren’t

Nani left me sooner than anticipated

She might be in heaven taking care of the angels But she had left a lot of memories for me to cherish Her bindi, achaar, saari and her laughter

Tanvi Jeph is a high school sophomore who enjoys writing poetry and riding bicycles. She also has her own organization The Dried Review which she founded in April 2022.