Poem: Canvas of the Night


[Image Description: Photo of a night sky through the trees, showing the milky way and purple light sky. The forest is dark.]

Photo by Kaye Meister
Poem by Sydney Lei

Canvas of the Night

Night is a feeling, a feeling 

where all matter ebbs and swirls 

in the universe, and comes to a halt.

Where waterdrops echo,

where mama owl hoots her chronicles, stories 

that have never been told.

Let epinephrine drift away 

through flowing streams of blood.

Soothe your contracted muscles, let them sink 

into deep sleep. Inhale, exhale.

Let air flow through your nostrils.

Dwell in the shine, drape yourself in 

comforting magic.

Stroke the confetti, glitter stakes 

of indigo dusk

in the canvas of the night.

Where boundaries are endless,

where land and sky,

day and night,

you and I,

all intertwine.

See the fragments of filaments dancing

in swarms of light, choreographed

by sweet dreams

in unfelt currents.

Feel the tides tingling in your eardrums, jump across 

the horizons. Gaze 

at the comets. Let your eyelids follow 

the depths of gravity. Wrap the air 

with half-knit blankets.


the atmosphere 

hugs you back.

Sydney Lei is a rising high school freshman from Hong Kong. She is currently studying poetry under acclaimed poet and writer Jennifer Wong. Her work has been selected as Editor’s Choice for Teen Ink. She is working on publishing her own poetry chapbook and starting a podcast. She loves travelling and immersing in different cultures.