Poem: Objectify Me


[Video Description: A recording of Becca Lloyd performing her poem Objectify Me at an event. ]

Video and Poem by Becca Lloyd

Objectify Me

Frustration is an understatement
For the feelings, I have been forced to feel,
Conceal and learn to heal from. I am lost
I am found; all these women speak up,
Sometimes I make sound. It doesn’t feel enough,
Words fade to dust and I end up on the train
With a phone directed at my skirt, to my face, to my waist,

Where are you putting that trace of me?

Who are you showing? I am not yours to be knowing.
I didn’t say a word. Why did I not say a fucking word?
The question remains, why should I even need to be heard
When the topic itself should not exist, to begin with?

Yet now I live holding keys, saying please, who are we
To be told to avoid night, stay beneath light, run from he,
Whoever he will be because I know I will meet you again;
Same act, different actor; different show, same factor.

I am exhausted. Let me breathe without me
Wondering if I have aroused you, housed you
In my home of unconscious desire, if I tire,
You will call me a liar, say I tempted you with my seductive attire.
My cleavage is crying out, my skirt simply shouts
Objectify me, objectify me, objectify me!

Why do they always objectify me?

Is it because you know,
That when I try to go,
You’ll silence my no
Tell me you know I want this,
Because how could I not?

There’s something so sexy about a woman saying stop.

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Becca Lloyd (she/her) is a slam poet from London who has always had a love for anything creative. She often shares her views in the form of poetry and prose, encouraging conversations to stem from the words she shares. Handles – TikTok and Instagram - @beccalloydpoetry