Poem: The Elephant in the Room


[Image Description: Woman wearing a blue dress, sitting down and talking to a man in jeans and a shirt. They are in an office environment. There is an elephant under the side table.]

Collage by Kseniia Gridneva
Poem by Joshua Turton

The Elephant in the Room

Ignore me, they say.
Don't speak: repress.
Who wants too much unwelcome stress?
Just let me grow,
just let me breed;
resent makes for delicious feed.
Until you say my twisted name,
you are doomed to play my game.
You know I'm here -
I know you do -
you just hate to say it's true.
Whilst you parade in misery,
I'll parade in man-made mystery.

At the time of writing, 'The Elephant in the Room', I was around 15 and fascinated with the way people hide from the truth and struggle to express themselves in an authentic way. Instead we, as humans in the modern-day, have this tendency to repress that leads to a lack of fulfilment (and poetry in my experience).

Joshua Turton was born in 2003 in Nottingham. Raised in Leeds, he gradually fell in love with writing - poetry in particular.