Poem: The Beast


[Image Description: Yellow flower in the pot on the windowsill. The flower is the only thing in colour, while the rest of the world is black and white.]

Screenshot taken from the PS3 game "Flower" developed by Thatgamecompany and released in February 2009
Poem by Ashton S. Laing

The Beast

In a concrete jungle, nothing can bloom,

Apart from one flower,

The flower of truth.

Its nectar is bitter,

Its leaves are spiked,

It’s rooted in your dreams at night.

People pass by

And they always cower,

At this monster, fearing their lives.

Fearing their lies,

They tried to kill it,

But nothing worked.

No poison could perish,

No blade could cut

The truth from this flower.

So still it stands,

Upholding its might.

Still, it stands,

Despite what we tried.

Ashton S. Laing is a 14-year-old poet. He normally writes sonnets about love and nature, but this poem is set in another form that conveys the consistency of nature despite human sabotages. He enjoys writing a wide variety of poetry and spends a lot of time doing so.