Poem: Through My Windowpane


[Image Description: Photo of Independence Square in Kyiv, taken through the gaps in metal Protective Structure.]

Poem by Tanvi Jeph

Through My Windowpane

I see everyone through my windowpane

People walking and crossing the roads

Children holding hands of their parents

Dogs walking with pride wagging their tails

In the night I see

Cricket jumping in the grass rubbing its wings

Stars twinkling and carpeting the whole sky

It is very somber but it doesn't feel the same

The next morning I see through my windowpane

People shouting and screaming asking for help

Buildings and houses are burnt, crushing hundreds

Blood is flowing all over as if it were water

Now every day I see

Camps set up on the streets which is the new home

The faint barks of the dogs can be still heard

The beautiful sky is now carpeted with hatred and war

One day I see through my camp’s gap

Blood all over my clothes and near me

My eyes twitch and my lips try to move

Now I will never be able to see through my window again

Tanvi Jeph is a 14-year-old writer and a poet. She is currently the editor of Inlandia Institute and the Literary Editor of SeaGlass Lit Magazine and The Affair Magazine.