Poem: Acrobats final act.


[Image Description: Photo of a colourful acrobat holding on to the rope with his legs while spreading his arms wide. The photo is taken over the bright sky.]

Photo by Natalia from Pexels

Poem by Mark Marinescu

Acrobats final act.

I am the object of many’s entertainment,

When I fly upon the trapeze.

But tonight, I'll create my final statement,

The one of a suicidal tragedy.

The people, they scream and yell and cheer,

When the clown creates his mischievous scene.

But in my spotlight tonight, I will show my true character,

That in front of a church’s dean.

The children so young, Show no sorrowful visage,

Expressing bright excitement, As I enter the stage.

But tomorrow, I won't be listed on the acrobats lineage,

For such sorrow, should not be felt at this age.

My master, engraved in sociopathy,

Allows the audience to watch my greatest act of all.

If I fall, No one will show much sympathy,

Perhaps, little empathy to my feelings of gall.

The people, they scream and yell,

As I refuse to catch the trapeze.

I fall to the circus floor, With the circus quiet as hell.

And finally, they scream! “A circus tragedy!”

An accident happened at the circus today,

As told by the news by mid day,

An acrobat fell on his stunt midway.

But, I his daughter will rumor and cry,

A suicidal acrobat, a suicidal tragedy today.

Mark Marinescu is a 15-year-old who enjoys writing as a hobby. He is from the state of New York. He also loves studying both Biology (specifically genetics) and computer programming, while also exploring the world by reading.