Poem: Tornado in a jar


Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

[Image Description: A photo of a stormy grey beach. There is a person dressed for the weather and holding an umbrella. They are being pulled by a strong wind.]

Poem by S.G.Dorrity

Tornado in a jar

If I could create a line
To summarise my mind,
Then that would be an accomplishment
To truly be proud of.
Alas, I fear such an accomplishment shall not be mine.
Another's would be too kind.
No outsider's idea could even make a dent
Into my darkening cave.

If my thoughts are a train
Then there must have been a derailment.
No metaphor can equate to such chaos.
Even Shakespeare's tragedies would fail to meet the grade.
Sometimes I wonder if even Satan's reign
Could match the lack of sentiment
That my own brain holds for I who it will simply
Toss away to the wolves.

If I could create a line
To summarise my mind,
Then it would truly astonish me
That I could collect a tornado
In a small jar.
To master nature would match the struggle
To contain my reeling mind.
What an achievement that would be.

S.G.Dorrity is a teen writer and poet with a small following. They hope to make progress through writing with particular messages and themes that are important to them. They read a lot of books and poetry, with their favourite poem being "If Tomorrow Starts Without Me" by David M Romano.