Poem: fulgurite


Photo by Faizi Ali from Pexels

[Image Description: Black and white photo of a woman on the beach. Only her legs, arm, and stomach are visible. She is covered in sand. Photo is taken through the leaf of a plant.]

Poem by Avery London


amber drips when heated,
that caramel sagging around your neck
blue veins quaking in a body of earth

scorch me                                                      
douse me

nails intertwined, scruffs painstakingly close,
quartz fused with our voltaic purrs
as we
lazed alongside in the bed of a beach

shock me                                                      
ground me

teeth’s electric fever triggered a chain
when our granular panting struck
and I stopped in the shell of silica

shuck me                                                      
shroud me

wanting eyes glazed to a crust,
fibre animating our feral synapses,
chemicals decomposing in the discharge of flesh

touch me                                                       
house me

in the jagged beacon of a bolt
in the blend of roiling sandstone
in the beat of heartbeats
in the breath of fossils,

feed me                                                     
complete me

we crystallised ourselves
in the skin of each other

*vitreous material formed of sand or other sediment fused by lightning.

This poem is about erotic longing as a natural phenomenon, as primordial as lighting against the sand. However, while the thrill can be galvanising, there's a barrier between the body and the heart.  The phenomenon can be whittled into physics and chemistry, yet no matter how hard you try, intimacy can't be explained through science. 

Avery London is a 15-year-old junior at Sacramento Waldorf School in Fair Oaks, CA. They've lived most of their life in the foothills of Northern California. As an Okinawan Jew, cultural and religious identity informs their fiction and nonfiction work. They enjoy experimental and free-verse poetry, and always love a good flash fiction piece over tea!