Poem: Dear bulimia


[Image Description: last two lines of the poem sent as texts on a messenger app]

Poem by Trisha Pai

Art by Emily Bourne

Dear bulimia

We’re at home, we’ve got nothing to do,

You’re alone, but your thoughts are with you.

I’m hungry, but I’m scared to eat,

I can't keep the food down, do I accept defeat?

With every bite the, guilt increases,

But I’m still never content, no matter how much the number


As It comes up, I feel the burn in my throat, the tears in my eyes,

The regret hasn’t left me, in spite of my many tries.

I keep the pain to myself, unaware of how to tell anyone,

I think they wouldn’t understand, how deep-rooted it is, or why it


I promised myself I’d stop, but last night I couldn’t help but give in,

I feel like I’m compelled to do it, but I also feel like it’s a sin.

Trisha is a 16-year-old high schooler. She is a teenager with her fair share of tiny struggles, and being from a small town, breaking the stigma attached to several teenage issues stays her priority. Trisha's goal is to be able to alter our society into one where anyone irrespective of their background, gender or age feel sheltered enough to reach out, speak openly, and seek the support or help they want. She believes the fear of others' judgement and opinions hold so many of us back from healing, and thus this stigma must be broken.