The Lit Club: It's Not Ok To Feel Blue (and Other Lies)

[Image description: Cover of 'It's Not Ok To Fell Blue and Other Lies by Scarlett Curtis on Kindle]

Hello, bookworms! This month’s Lit Club theme is on books on Mental Health and our review comes from the lovely Meg Scarbie.


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It’s Not Ok To Feel Blue (and other lies) by Scarlett Curtis

a brilliant non-fiction book featuring a selection of written pieces about mental health from over 70 different public figures, curated by Scarlett Curtis. 

A selection of life stories, essays, poetry and more, from people such as; Sam Smith, Charly Cox, Miranda Hart...

I absolutely love this book and it’s one I find I revisit when I require a pick-me-up. 

I wish I’d had this book as a struggling teenager going into adulthood. It’s not an easy read, parts of it are heart-breaking when you realise mental illness can affect everyone in so many different ways. But it can be an encouraging, educational read. With the life stories coming from people of all different backgrounds, it unites us as a community. 

Overall it’s a book that opens up the conversation about mental health to spread awareness and normalise the struggles we all face. It is ok to talk, struggle and cry when it comes to your mental health. 

And the very lovely Scarlett Curtis has started the book off with a chapter on the trigger warnings that this book may contain for certain readers. Something that I think is so important, and she’s worded it so beautifully with the last line saying;

“We hope this trigger warning helps you navigate this book. 

Above all, 

take your time, 

remember to breathe, 

and I hope, 

more than anything, 

that you get something, 

you need from these, 

extraordinary stories.” - Scarlett Curtis

Book rating: 4⭐️ - Meg Scarbie