Poem: The Birds in My Garden


[Image Description: four robins sitting on blooming cherry blossom trees on a sunny day with blue skies. Musical notes representing birdsong are in the bottom-left corner]

Poem by Claudia Potter
Art by Aiden Tsen

The Birds In My Garden

I awake and the first thing I hear,

The whistle of the robin lingering in my ear,

As the birds lie and sing amidst the soft breeze,

Of a warm sunny spring where there’s blossom on the trees.

The petite still birds chatter to each other,

As if they are asking, “What is the matter?”,

Their little twitters and bird song remind me of the day,

Where all my conflicts and turmoil will vanish away.

There is comfort to waking up to the sound of nature,

As the small resilient birds stand tall in stature,

I smile as I hear their little melodies and song,

And fall back asleep as I dream along.