Saying Goodbye to The Bluebell System



[Image description: quote reading "it's not goodbye, it's see you later" on a white background.]

One message echoed around TikTok in the last week of October 2021: The Bluebell System had passed away. 

Many of the system’s friends had found out from a TikTok. We all scrambled to the Bluebell System’s page. We read the comments. We scoured the comment sections. We hoped it was just a malicious lie. But the silence was deafening.

The Bluebell System were inspiration to so many people. They were a friend to so many people.

I first knew India God-knows how long ago now. I have followed their account for most of my life. India Walker was the cutie with the rainbow jumper trending on Tumblr and Instagram. Eventually, Indie was diagnosed with DID and referred to their system as The Bluebell System. 

I became a penpal with the system, as many other people did. Sending each other care packages, which especially helped when they were in hospital for long periods of time.

Indie lit up their little space in the world, and they tried to share their light with as many people as possible. They shared their hardship and they shared her recovery, inspiring others to find their light. 

I am so sorry you were let down by the system, Indie. You deserved so much better.

Rest easy Bluebells. You were an absolute force. You will be sorely missed.