Poems: Dark Shadow Live the Light & Blue Universe


[Image Description: Silhouettes of 6 people walking outside.]

Poems by Methmi Mandara

Dark Shadows Light the Lives

Gained success and shinning in the world
There were issues, came straight or curled
As a pigeon fallen and bleeding on ground
But it recovered and flew around

We survived with a surrounding as a stormy dark desert
Which didn't give us a drop of water, we were so upset

But it taught us to achieve our goal
So we made it a forest full of trees and light for all

The shadows of our past lives
Are chasing us with flowers and knives
Maybe they came with dark or light
But we know we should have a fight
We will accept the soft smelling flowers
As well as the sharp knife blade throwers
As the rain keeps pouring
No matter who is snoring

Bearing the pain from our head to below our knees
As a wild bear bears the pain of the bees
We will keep fighting until we win
No matter the dark shadows coming to us as a sin
Try and work hard with all dark shadows who fight
Make those lighted with your lights
You can climb a tall big wall
First start it from a point which is small

The Blue Universe

Bear feet; into the sand; trampling the sea shells
Some are crashing, jingling and tinkling as the silver bells
'Thou, why here? ' I asked from a shell and peeped into the singing waves
It told, 'We are from under the corals, ancient ships and the sea monster's cave

A singing pond, what a universe inside this blue?

No one can give a clue
She is listening to every story
Happy, joy, love but also sorry

She knows the man Sinbad, who sailed upon her days and nights;

he watched the twilight of the dawn

She is heartbroken of Rose and Jack who watched her dolphins;

hugging each other but now that love is gone

Also she is proud of the little mermaid with the amber cloudy hair

who sacrificed life for the human prince
Her sound is high when she cries by seeing her fish

who die by wrapping in strings

A giant travelling palace murdered all her turtles, dolphins

and the whales and sent them to the land
Now, her family is coming to us; without their souls

but a body floated to the sand
Oh her wish, will she recover soon?
So she will be lighted again as the crystal moon

Methmi Mandara is a high school student who studies in Gothami Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo, Sri Lanka.She is a Sri Lankan and interested in English Literature. So, she shares her work as a poetess.