Poem: Sanctus

[Image Description: An embroidery of a rib cage]

Art and Writing by Freya Bradshaw


How can she, whom by all accounts godless,

bring me to my knees as scripture dwindles

under her linen sheets.

As when our lips touch,

I no longer fear God as hell is in her absences,

not heat and poised weaponry.

For how can I so enwrapped in sin and disobedience,

offer such pious worship to a deity asking

nothing in return.

But for now,

I'll lay still, hand in unlovable hand,

her loyal servant and willing slave,

a solo congregation on a Sunday for the sick.

Freya Bradshaw (she/they) is a perspective Drama and English student currently studying A levels in London. She feels incredibly strongly about lgbt issues and in this poem they attempt to express the struggle many queer folk face feeling conflicted between religion and their own sexuality.