Poem: Loneliness & whoever you want to be

[Image Description: a brown person crying who is being cracked from the inside by a dark force. Inside this force is the word 'lonely' in different languages]

Poetry by Trisha Pai

Art by Aiden Tsen


A strange emotion that eats you from the inside

One that will always find you no matter where you hide

It will grasp you tight when you least expect it

And latches on, whether or not you permit

You could be surrounded by many, but still feel low

And eventually on your own, you must learn to grow

And while of breaking, it may drive you to the brink

You can keep going, or allow yourself to sink

No matter how happy or sad, it hits everyones

And its your choice, whether you’ll face it or run

And on some days you’ll smile, on some you’ll cry

But all that will matter, is the fact that you did try

whoever you want to be

Various petrifying battles I have to fight, many leave me weary

Often consumed by the thought of failure and loss, it is indeed scary

I doubt myself, spend hours wondering if I will be able to make it or not

Even when I am aware of how the main obstacle is this very though

I have good days, bad days, and days where I have highs and lows

No matter how hard I try to look, the method to being truly content nobody knows

There are several factors about me of which I know, that make me stand out

And naturally, also many that are flaws and imperfections, that I think about

The world is a large, scary yet enchanting place

Some consider life to be a journey, while some think of it as a race

Your choices, experiences and perception makes you who you are

Some learn from unfortunate occurrences, and on some they leave a scar

Its never too late to bring about a change, to get stronger

And the minute you make up your mind, it will keep you going longer

Nothing is impossible, you can be whoever you want to be

But you thoughts, actions and words, with one another must always agree

Everything happens for a reason, every hardship you must take in the right way

Because out of it, what good will come no one is to say

You will get no where by comparing, in the end you only have yourself

And I am grateful that I soon enough realised that I must love myself

No one is as special as you, but you mustn’t let this get to your head

For those who do, often possess a heart from gold, turned to lead

Whenever a grenade is thrown your way and you fall, get up and continue to walk

And soon enough, all the bullets and bombs, you will learn to block

Look ahead, don’t let anything blow you off your own track

And soon, they will realise that you have gained what they still lack