Poem: I Was Hoping You'd Stay


[Image description: A comic strip. The contents of this comic will be translated in the article below.]

Words by floteren

Illustration by aristhoughtart

I Was Hoping You’d Stay

[Hand written words reading “I was hoping you’d stay: I send you teabags and that’s how I tell you to stay / to make you feel light and fuzzy even at midday” with a picture of a mug and hands.]

[Words reading “I was hoping you’d stay / I send you lil’ puzzles to remind you of childhood / to remind you of hope and all that is good” with a drawing of a puzzle in the middle.]

[Words reading “I hope you’d stay!? / i send you a postcard telling you how you’re loved / to help you feel less lonely and frightened” with a drawing of a postcard/]

[Words reading “I send you a list of my favourite books to read / so you have another reason to stay up in bed / i was hoping you’d stay” with a drawing of stacked books.]

[Words reading “I was hoping you’d stay / and / we could maybe grab a coffee some day?” with a drawing of a teabag.]