Poetry: Lesbian Masturbation


[Image Description: A photograph with a pale pink background and two pink circles]

Poem & Photographs by Meadow Meyer

Content Warning: sex 

strawberry umbilical cord

i’m sexting a girl i do not know

          and eating frozen strawberries.

it’s tuesday night.

puddles         of red midwest rain pool at the corners of my drooling  mouth.

i’m turned on by the sound of water rushing like the ocean


the drain

 when i wash pink dye out of my sun dried hair.

          you smell like the garden after it snows.

          the garden is slick with french kisses and tongue curls of wind.

i miss walking by a creek on shrooms with a blister on the back of my heel


blister touches         sock

and it bee sting stings

i remember i have two legs and i can move where i want.

i remember i have two legs and i can move where i want.


i miss fucking like Eves under vines and hearing frogs


L A U G H and l a u g h

for attention.

it’s tuesday night.

                                         my eyes flood with evergreen pixels as mother nature pushes through my iphone screen, i never leave the city when i’m here.


it’s raining and i smoke a sativa until it fills my midsection, i think about being







i’m turned on by the corner of your lips,

by the garden,

by a tree with just one leaf left.

i feel my umbilical cord break.

i eat the lesbian pink moon whole

and i am full.

[Image Description: A photo of a TV screen with a woman in lingerie]

going to fuck myself

two lesbian geminis are fucking under the stars.

it’s me and myself and i cum hard.

i want to be so large that i make myself hungry


lips wet with melted excitement.


my belly button re-swallows something newborn


reeking of springtime.


and i look at her without fear, 

looking with my own eyelashes and tongue. 

counting goosebumps, reading 

L I P S 

i’m talking dirty,

talking shit,

gossiping and


and flirting


with my own tits and ass.

i want to be my own sex, be my own food, be my own lemon lime soda 

i am swimming in stomach fluid and when i breath in, i fly.

Meadow Meyer is an undergraduate at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying to get her BFA with an emphasis in writing. She uses she/they pronouns. Meadow is a nonbinary lesbian, Pisces, writer, and artist. They are very passionate about storytelling and its ability to build a kind of beautiful, abstract understanding of reality. She sees the intersection between the written word and lived experience as a vibrant space where liberation can be achieved. Meadow Meyer's work discusses sex, love, gender, and lesbianism. They write in a number of genres including poetry, journalism, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Their work has been published in Glitterary Magazine, Pest Control Magazine, Unbound Magazine, F-News, SAIC’s Emerge Journal, and Lesbians Are Miracles Magazine. Meadow's Instagram is @hairy.faerie.art