Poem: song, paused again

[Image Description: a painting of a topless person lying on the grass]

Poem by Isabella Donald
Art by Marte Lindholm

Originally published on Inkbeat

song, paused again.  

I sit

a lumpy hillock

on a

         sheep-strewn tor.

the hills


their gently

           pounding ballads,

to serenade me

             welcoming me


                           then I see

a bird

a bag

locked as one.

beak clamped in plastic tethers

pathetic screams

defining her

pathetic fight


bag rips

bird falls.


plummeting, drowning


She wails for home.

Hi! I’m Isabella, and I’m an English student from Winchester. I feel poetry is one of the most powerful ways in which we can make sense of the world, and I aim to make my writing, much of which centres around the environment, simultaneously enjoyable and thought-provoking.