Poem: Our Little Red Dot

[Image Description: An illustration of Singapore featuring a river in the middle]

Poem by Lin Zihao
Art by Lin Ziqing

Our Little Red Dot

Our little red dot

is decorated with triumphant trees

which stand like mighty servants

guarding our roads and pathways.

Our little red dot

Flows a mighty river

Passing along majestic museums

and colossal skyscrapers.

Our little red dot

Has a monumental Jewel

Which the waterfall

dances with grace

among the charming shrubs.

**"Little red dot" is a nickname often used in the media, and in casual conversation, as a reference to Singapore. It refers to how the nation is depicted on many maps of the world and of Asia as a red dot. Source.

I am Zihao from Singapore. I am an amateur poet, mainly writing poems, in both the English and Chinese language. I learn Turkish and Azerbaijani during my free time. I am interested in poetry, philosophy and personal growth.