Poem: Moving House

[Image description: a child sits surrounded by moving boxes and faces out of a vehicle window towards a building with light shining on it]

Poems and Art by Aiden Tsen

The Move

Billowing sheets

Hiding where the scaffolding meets

The sky.

The sun stared as we said goodbye

To home, school, functioning kitchens.

The van that we got in

Took us a mere bus ride away,

Yet you for a child cannot that distance downplay.

The Return

It’s greyer than you remember.

The gate buzzes - you enter.

Now you walk down the stairs

You used to leap down through the air.

In that grass you used to play

Until the end of the day.

What used to stretch on for miles

In reality was only leaves, a pile.

You used to climb that tree

And call your Mom to see

How brave you are, how bold.

You see now there’s only one foothold.

This was a mistake -

Your memories feel fake.

Those hopes to return to a simpler time

You see would now just be a lie.