Poem: I imagine it'll go something like this

[Image Description: a persimmon tree with vibrant orange fruits against a blue sky]. Source.

Poem by Hyunbin Kristen Joo

I imagine it’ll go something like this.

Sneaky glances across the hallway

Pioneers of an alien land in this

Cotton candy midnight 

Take shallow breaths behind the couch

The Tiger is out to get you. He’ll ask

For a dried persimmon, and you’ll answer

With your life. 

So be careful. When you track down the 

Stairs to the abandoned dungeon, teeth

Stained pink & blue & sweet. Be careful,

When you triumphantly slide in to the 

Twin-cotton embrace and feel the sheets 

Tighten around you, crushed persimmon 

Pulpy in your palm.

Hyunbin Kristen Joo is a poet based in South Korea. Her work has been recognized by scholastic and a national embassy. She enjoys umbrellaless rainy days, soft jazz music, and ddeokbokki.