Poem: Proprioception is


[Image Description: A line drawing of a brain, lips and two hands, one palm up and the other palm down, all of which are different colours with white areas to represent mismatches. There are links between the brain and the body parts - however, they are not all connected or the same colour as the corresponding body part.]

Art and Poetry by Aiden Tsen 

Proprioception is

The sense of




Close your eyes,

Try to move your hand

In front of



Most people can.


Have you ever

Felt like you’ve los-

T control of your body?

A moment of Rage,

Uncontrollable sobbing,

A smile you can’t contain.


Imagine that

On steroids.

Your hands and feet

Move to a different Beat

From your Brain.

The gap between your Mind

And your Mouth

Seems infinite.

Speech is harder

Than you think.


Such is the world for

Some autistic people.

Sometimes for me.


A meltdown in public.

“Can’t they control themselves?”

Judgemental onlookers sneer.

Not always.


Proprioception is

The sense of



You’d probably never heard of it before today

Yet I bet you can say it.

Because you probably have it -

Not everyone does.