Poem: My Mind (depersonalization)

[ID: A photo of a blurred face]

Poem by Claudia Potter
Photo by Ameze Edebiri

My Mind

A poem about depersonalization.

...I know I don’t belong,

Because in the end,

I’d rather be alone.

This isn’t my home,

Those aren’t my friends,

That is not me,

This isn’t my world.

Unable to find what I’m looking for,

And I've been searching a while now,

I’m always near to giving up,

But I’ve can’t give up on the idea,

That one day I might belong.

After spending time with people,

I only feel more alone than before,

After telling people how I feel,

I only have more regret.

The worst part is the confusion,

Is this real or am I just delusional?

Is it this bad,

Or am I just overthinking?

I can’t seem to escape this loop,

This maze, this ship,

It’s almost as if I’m missing a step,

Missing something.

And then it goes back to the start...

Claudia Potter is currently a student, age 17, living in London, England. Claudia likes to write poetry, mainly focussing on the theme of mental health, as she struggles with her own. She hopes her work can make people also struggling with their mental health know that they are not alone.