Poem: Thirteen

[Image Description: an outline of a girl in a dress in front of a night sky.]

Art and Writing by Shreemayi Kurup


I feel shadowed,

camouflaging into the dusk just to survive in the crowdedness of this world.

I feel like an object,

Only esteemed for the stretch of my skirt.

I feel like a monstrosity,

For the skin I bestow in is a disgrace.

I feel reduced,

For all those vivid memories seem blurred now.

I feel like a stray,

For all my heart longs to do is wander.

I feel like a decay,

For I am falling into the burrow of nowhere.

I feel like all that defines me is a question mark,

For even I don’t know who I catch sight of in the mirror.

Despite being shattered,

I know I will put myself back together.

For I’m just caught in the phase of being thirteen.


I am a quirky 13-year-old. I was born into a practical family full of engineers and doctors. I usually feel like the odd one in my family given my parents are such practical people. Writing helps me see the world beyond the black and whites my eyes are used to, helps me articulate my opinions and see things for what they really are. Everyone around me describe me as a puzzle they can never solve, a person of mystery, introverted and what not. I leave them zapped in my compelling debates, I guess that’s the fun of being an introvert. The countless issues that plague numerous souls drive me to become a lawyer and be a part of creating a just society. Anyways, I hope you relate to my poem.