Personal Essay: My Generation


[Image Description: A painting of two colorful hands holding each other with the words My Generation]

Art by Annabel Hart
Words by Wafiya Noushad

In a world with a multitude of problems, my generation offers a new future. We dare to care. We are taking responsibility for the future of the planet and for the future of humanity. We have ideas and imagination. We are all unique with different skills and talents. We are the dawn after the long night. In the most important decade for our planet, we are the last hope. We represent a multitude of possibilities. We are the creators of change and the fighters for the future. We learn from our mistakes and stand together.

Our ability to change ourselves is inspiring; not the ability to criticize. Our ability to take initiative in our communities and fight for what is right is what the world needs. Our awareness and belief in ideals that are greater than ourselves is what will ultimately help the world; not the idea that the world only revolves around us. Our curiosity, not ignorance, is the key to finding solutions, whether that be climate change, ending wars, or preventing disasters. Our differences are to be celebrated, not discriminated against, as variety will help us on the quest for solutions. Values of integrity and compassion are central to all we do. Being selfless rather than selfish.

We give ourselves a voice and take initiative by creating our own opportunities and honoring the tools life has given us. Innovation, creativity and teamwork will get us far not only for my generation but for future generations. The new generation is one which leads the way for future generations by setting the example. Rather than tearing each other down, we lift each other up. Emotional intelligence is the new cool and necessary to have any impact on the world. My generation need to be given a chance if we are going to get anywhere. Without this generation, little is feasible. We need a voice and a platform, because anyone can contribute.

It would be difficult to define my generation. However, you could call us a glimpse into the future. A future that is much better than the one we are going towards now.

Wafiya is a writer for Voices of Youth with multiple publications. She has also contributed to Risen Zine. Find Wafiya on LinkedIn!