Poem: Pink Cascade


[Image Description: Bangladeshi garment workers dressed in and working with bright colors.]

Poem by Adaeze Onwuelo

The Pink Ghetto 

We blast- where is our empowerment?

Here at Bad Gal we cultivate contemporary clothes

Vogues of rouge, summer stoppers, pink rockers.


The Divine Feminine; The Future Is Female

is seared in the clear on our bright batch of new clothes

which weeps- where is our empowerment?


Customers come and consume and commend

brandishing the crop tops in glamour and pink pride

as vogues of rouge, summer shoppers and pink rockers.


These shirts will revamp wildflowers to sunflowers

these embellishment will make motives rouse and rise

for this declaration: we have our pink empowerment!


Behind the customers care, groans grieve by the hour

they hammer halters and flatten female futures, drinking pennies

their summer's sore, their summers made for westward rockers


They whip in one hand and bolster in the other

as sari girls slave for 2p a day to aid their mothers

in the west, their well-dressed in exchange

for oppression: where is their empowerment?

Adaeze Onwuelo has been writing poetry ever since she was sixteen years old. Drawing inspiration from personal experience and events she witnesses, she attempts to express herself through poetry. She has been published in Ink, Sweat & Tears