Poem: Is It Plastic


[Image Description: A colorful illustration of three jellyfish.]

Poem by Freya Aslop
Art 'Jellyfish', by M. Pardos-Mansilla 
©Humble Bee Studio

This poem is about environmental concerns and ocean pollution.

Is it Plastic?

That quivering see-through thing,

smushed into the sand.

At first glance, it looks

at home

amongst the plastic fork wrappings,

sea glass,

bits of driftwood, a cracked solo cup

and three or so cigarette butts.

Belonging to the wetness between

sand and sea.

But upon closer inspection,

it becomes clear that this is not the case.

This is a thing at odds with its

new world.

Flopping on the sand, thrust from the

sea along with the rest,

it lies.

In the water it must have been

beautiful, a soft-spoken

alien, elegant and


On the sand it droops and begins to shrivel.

I walk away and when I come back

it has disappeared into the sea.

Leaving only plastic behind, which can’t so easily


Freya Alsop is a Final Year English Literature student based in Hampshire, UK. Contact Freya by email at freyaemilyalsop@gmail.com. Find her on Instagram at _freya_alsop_.