Poem: Eventually The World Will Find Other Things To Hate


[Image description: a background image of a photograph of two ghosts. 3 texts are displaced at the right side of the image reading "eventually the world / will find other things / to hate". Underneath is written the authors name, Tanya Singh.]

Made with Canva. Ghost image from BeetleJuice.]

Poetry by Tanya Singh.


Eventually the world will find other things to hate. Eventually you’ll wake up from a dream, sour with names stuck to the side of your left arm, itching. Eventually the milk will turn sour. Eventually all puppies will become dogs. Eventually you will look over your shoulder to find a stranger staring into your phone. Eventually it'll stop raining in some part of the world. Eventually the girl you've had a crush on for the longest time reciprocates, but who am I kidding? Eventually love will come to you like a good omen visiting the neighbourhood. Eventually your hands will tire themselves out writing love letters to ghosts from the past. Eventually the staircase will cease to be a staircase. Eventually the moth will outgrow its obsession with streetlights. Eventually you'll draw a set of cards that predict your love life correctly down to the day you die. Eventually the voice on the phone will sound like your mother's and your mother will stop sounding like your mother. Eventually your mother will use the right pronouns if she's talking about you when you're not around. Eventually your hands will find a place to rest. Eventually someone will tell you I told you so. Eventually people will stop saying I told you so. Eventually nothing will exist, not even you. Eventually you'll come home to find a surprise birthday party, guests lined to greet you, hello jade happy birthday - a name you chose for yourself. Eventually they'll rinse blood off their hands only to name the sacrifice after you. Eventually you'll grow up and find winter where you were last seen and then disappeared. Eventually they'll call home to find you never made it back.