Poem: World Melt

[Image Description: A collage of a nature scene with a dripping ice cream cone.]

Poem by Nicola Bonardi Rivard

Art by Jazmin Diaz


the ice cream fell at my feet,

melted and warped 

sinking into the sizzling asphalt

as I looked at the 

zebras that trotted past

in ordered columns and I 

nodded at the giraffes, haggling

at the prices of shampoo

I saw a sad polar bear in a 

corner huddling close to it’s

fan and ice cubes

I turned to observe monkeys trying

to commit burglary at the local taco place

the platypus and the meese bet 

on street fights and race cars

i looked at my fallen ice cream

and let it melt

Nicola Bonardi Rivard is a 14-year-old from Canada. He enjoys writing and learning about science. He can be found prowling local bookstores in search of a new favorite novel. In the future, he would like to be a theoretical physicist.