Poem: Search

[Image Description: A graphic art illustration of a nature scene at Dhanmondi Lake in Bangledesh]

 Poem by Masuma Sultana

Art by Nasheen Jahan Nasir (@imaginasheen)


‘Search' tentatively discusses some ideas about language and identity, addressing the sense of alienation felt by the speaker. 

After searching, searching so much

Where? Where?

What I am writing, you won’t understand. 

Which day will you understand? 

To understand, you will not. 

To understand, you are not trying.

I know.

Not comfortable enough 

to speak my mother-tongue

spoken by ancient ancestors

before Bangladesh became Bangladesh.

A sense of alienation 

when I speak my dialect 

in front of strangers.

A sense of belonging 

if I know I’m understood 

by at least one person. 

To search is to look for knowledge. 

Consider the implications 

of being unable to find answers

the impact of not knowing or understanding

of a breakdown in communication. 

Consider the feeling of not being understood.

I know they are to understand nothing

Little pain I found

Where do I search?

Masuma Sultana is a Final Year English with Creative Writing student based in East London, UK. Contact Masuma by email at masuma866@gmail.com