Poem: Old Bone

[Image Description: Faded red and green colors in the center of a black background.] 

Artwork by Sonny
Poem by Anonymous

Content Warning: chronic illness and mental distress

Old Bone

Eyes awaken

Burning, raging


That never left

Covering my frame

And under my skin

Tempting to keep me frozen



Time is running out, it always is.

As I hear a voice becoming louder

“You need to GET UP”

Overshadowing it “I cannot”


Why though?


I fidget trying to reason with my body

A body that continues to revolt

How do I reason with that?

Move my feet trying to combat the stiffness

If I could

I would squeeze my brain and then

Cuddle it


If you knew they could understand

And how?

You would voice the words that are trapped under

And always at the tip of

Your tongue

Instead, you eventually revert frozen

Mind unable to divorce the body


However much time goes by

More than ever,

Bounded by ear splitting,

Mind piercing heaviness


Even after you close your