Lockdown Coping


[ID: Infographic titled ‘Things To Do’ with various ideas. Full list of ideas at end of article.]

Article by Lucy Baxter

I FaceTimed my lovely grandparents a couple of evenings ago and it really reminded me about how difficult lockdown can be for a lot of people, even people that seem pretty self sufficient and able to look after themselves.

Personally, I feel that I’m in an extremely fortunate situation. I’m currently still at home with my parents, who I get on with very well, and who have been busy working in essential and stable jobs. I have a degree to do (!) which is keeping me very busy and gives me a bit of structure to my days; we’ve got a nice kitchen and access to food - a saving grace for me (!!) - so I have been making some lovely bakes and meals for my family, and sometimes my neighbours, in my spare time. I have a relatively good WiFi connection at home, and I can very easily get out into the fresh air when I go out for a walk.

I feel privileged that I have access to these aspects of life; however, I know that there are a lot of people who do not have this same access.  It’s important to stay humble and appreciate how lucky we are to have what we have, particularly in these difficult times!

Low mood, tiredness & lacking motivation are some things which are quite common for people, of all ages and from all backgrounds, to be struggling with at the moment. As someone who has experienced some difficulty dealing with mental health issues in the past, I know it can be particularly challenging being in such an uncertain period of time as we are now, and this can really take its toll on your mental state – whether you have suffered with problems in the past or not. To help with all of this, I wanted to share a list of coping mechanisms and small projects to get us through this lockdown, whilst keeping our bodies and minds healthy and well. These ideas come from my own lockdown experience as well the experiences of my friends, family, and fellow members of the Risen team! There’s probably a million articles out there about what you can do in lockdown, but there's no harm in new ideas. Do what works for you and get yourself in a good mood - there might just be something here that inspires you.

[Image description: Infographic titled ‘Things To Do’ with various ideas. Full list of ideas at end of article]

As I said to my Grandparents: it’s absolutely fine to feel a bit rubbish and sad - no ones ever been in this kind of situation before and it's weird! Just try not to let those bad feelings consume you, even something small can make a huge difference.

The days are getting longer, and the weather will be sunnier & warmer soon. There is hope still - look after yourselves and those around you and don’t give up.


Full List of Ideas:
  • Going on walks as my exercise- I don't want to do a workout!
  • Cooking or baking something new every week
  • Cheesy Music
  • (Re-)learning an Instrument
  • Workouts, work & walks
  • Listening to funny podcasts on a walk- 'My Dad Wrote a Porno' is Particularly Good!
  • Coffee, Tea & Biscuits
  • Dancing when/like nobody is watching!
  • Doing projects that I never got around to doing before
  • The US office
  • The memes
  • Having a Bath
  • Looking through old photos from good times
  • Exercise and allowing yourself time to read and relax
  • Home 'bar/pub crawls'
  • The dog & Bridgerton
  • Buying small business products for my friends
  • Chatting with my dad. I haven't done it properly in years
  • Theme nights
  • The Sims
  • Listening to my favorite music
  • Baking and painting
  • The Facebook group View From my Window
  • Spending less time on social media
  • Penpalling
  • Reward Days- buying things online or treating yourself to food that would normally be for special occassions
  • Ordering Vitamin D tablets online
  • Drawing/scribbling/doodling/crafting/journaling
  • Reading
  • Suits and Home Workouts
  • Cooking and Cleaning
  • Lots of pizza and ice cream
  • 'The Masked Singer' every Saturday night with curry
  • Mario Kart
  • Sorting through all the photos on my phone
  • Not feeling pressured to do anything special sometimes- sitting & watching Netflix & eating chocolate some nights is nothing to feel guilty for!
  • musical soundtracks
  • get dressed Fridays
  • messaging/calling family and old friends
  • playing Minecraft
  • treating the weekend like a weekend
  • cooking & baking
  • sending birthday cards in the mail & making videos for peoples birthdays