Photo Essay: Letter Project


[Image description: Yellow envelope against a white background with handwritten notes on it. "I'm coming out I want the world to know" is written in the top left hand corner, "wanna let it show" in the left.

"Never came out the closet 'cos I was never in it" is written in the middle. In the bottom right hand corner is a made up address. There are rainbow doodles and scribbles on the bottom of the envelope.]

Photo essay by Anonymous.

This is the Letter Project. Here I’m sharing some thoughts and feelings surrounding my queerness. 

[Image description: A yellow envelope on a grey-white background reading ‘And if you’re gay, out yourself ‘cus you don’t wanna lead the hettys on’]

[Image description: a white envelope on a white-grey background reading ‘Born with a blank slate my arse, born with the assumption you identify with the gender your genitals represent. Born straight until proven gay.’

[Image description: a grey envelope on a white background reading: ‘Gender neutral child / prevent years of self-doubt / imagine the weight of gender constructs, stereotypes, ambiguity raised from your shoulders. Return to sender.’]

[Image description: a grey envelope on a grey background reading ‘Genderless clothing - no little boys afraid to wear nail polish / fuck heteronormativity, just growing up loving’]