Black Cooks Intro


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Article by Ellanora Lerner

This fall, I started my first semester of college (yes, in the middle of the pandemic but that’s another story). Being at school meant all of my food came pre-prepared from the dining hall and the closest thing I had to cooking was microwaving my leftovers. Before this year, I never had much of a desire to cook beyond an occasional baking experiment or making myself scrambled eggs. But something about having no access to even the most basic cooking or baking, lit a fire in me. As soon as I got home for a (very-extended) winter break, I started cooking weekly. I am not a very good cook. I can take up most of the day on a recipe that is supposed to take an hour. I get frustrated when things don’t go to plan. But it has been a fun hobby, one that I can do independently and share with my family while in quarantine, and one that helps me move to a more vegetarian diet.


I am so excited to share my cooking adventures, and so excited that cooking connoisseur Lucy Bax has joined Risen, because cooking starts to become kind of a big deal as we grow into adulthood. Right now my main food sources are still my parents and my school, but in only a few years it will be on me to shop and cook for myself. I am preparing for that reality, and having fun doing it, and I can’t wait to bring you on this journey.


As I’ve explored the internet for recipes to cook, I’ve noticed the majority of chefs and food bloggers that pop-up are white, even when searching for ethnic foods. I also watch a lot of cooking shows, and I can’t think of a single Black chef who’s been featured as a judge or guest judge. And so is born our Black Cooks Series!


In this series, we will be picking Black chefs to highlight, trying out their recipes, and showing you how it goes. As new articles go up, they will be linked below. Cook along and tag us in or send us your photos on Instagram! If you have a Black chef we should highlight, let us know and if you want to write your own article as part of the series, send us an email or DM. We can’t wait to cook with you!

Veggie Barbeque!