Recipe: Raspberry and Salted Chocolate Brownies!

[Image Description: A plate of brownies.]

Recipe by Lucy Bax (@lucybaxinthekitchen)

Here’s my recipe for some very very nice chocolate brownies, as featured (a lot!) on my Instagram (@lucybaxinthekitchen), and now on the @risenzine account! Find videos of the process here and here.

I’ve personally found baking to be a wonderful way to bring a little bit of life and joy into what is an otherwise quite stressful and scary time in our lives at the moment; and being able to share some of that joy with my family, friends and neighbours (COVID-safely, of course!) has been so great, and I would highly recommend doing the same. You just never know how much something simple can make someone’s day, particularly in hard times like the ones we’re experiencing now.

I’m a huge fan of chocolate in many different shapes & forms, and these brownies are no exception; after making countless batches of these and a fair amount of experimenting, I think I’ve nailed the recipe – !!! I’m very excited for people to try baking and eating them – they are delish. I’ve received some fabulous feedback from them: see the end for some quotes! If you’re still not convinced after that then I’m stumped.

So, without further ado; the recipe!

Makes: 16-20 (depending on how big you like them!) fudge-y chocolate brownies


200g / 7.05oz / 1 1/3 cup Dark Chocolate

200g / 7.05oz / 1 cup  Unsalted Butter

150g / 5.29oz / 2/3 cup Caster Sugar

75g   / 2.65oz / 1/2 cup Light Brown Sugar

75g   / 2.65oz / 1/4 Dark Brown Sugar

3 Large Eggs

100g / 3.53oz / 1/2 cup Plain/All-purpose flour

50g   / 1.76oz / 5/8 cup Cocoa Powder

Flaked Sea Salt

3-4 Handfuls of Raspberries (I use frozen)


Melt the chocolate and butter together using a Bain Marie (a heatproof bowl set over some water in a pan on a low/medium heat), mixing every so often throughout, then take off the heat and leave the bowl to cool down.

Preheat your oven to 190 °C fan/210 °C/374 °F. Grease & line a baking tray, I usually use 34x24 cm (13”x9.5”), remember that the cooking time might vary slightly between ovens & if you use a different sized baking tin!

Measure out the sugars and crack your eggs into a separate, large bowl, then whisk them together at a high speed until the mixture is thick, pale and has roughly doubled in size: you’ll need an electric whisk for this part to get the best result and will probably take around 5 minutes or so, but it depends on your whisk speed!

Once your melted butter and chocolate has cooled down a bit, pour it into your lovely thick egg/sugar mixture and use a spatula to gently mix it all together using big ‘figure-of-eight’ motions, until the two mixtures are well combined; it’s important to mix by hand at this point, as you’ll lose all of the air in the egg mixture if you use an electric whisk!

[Image Description: A bowl of brownie batter.]

Sift in the cocoa powder and flour next, add ¼ tsp of flakey salt to the mixture, then continue to mix with the spatula (a good arm workout!) until the dry ingredients are fully incorporated: it should have quite a thick consistency!

Pour roughly half of the batter into your lined baking tray and spread it out to the edges of the tin. Scatter the raspberries over the batter so they are evenly distributed, then pour over the remaining batter (use the spatula to scrape out whatever’s left in the bowl) and spread it out so its level. Sprinkle over a little bit more flakey salt (about 1/8 tsp) and pop it into the oven for about 25 minutes.

When they are ready to rock and roll, an inserted skewer into the brownies should come out clean (be wary that it might seem underdone if you insert it directly into one of the raspberries accidentally!) and you can take them out of the oven and put them onto a cooling rack. Your kitchen will be smelling fabulous at this point! After about 10 minutes, remove them from the baking tin and leave them to cool down for a while longer (if you can resist!): this makes them much less messy & easier to cut into.

Once cooled, cut into 16 or 20 square/rectangles (by all means make them bigger if you fancy), and enjoy! I love to eat mine with some vanilla ice cream and warm berries or even with some tahini drizzled over it – whatever you want!


I do hope you give these a try, they are so lovely – share some of them with your household or gift them to a neighbour, it might help to brighten up someone’s day! Have one, have 4; have however many you want to have! It might sound a bit silly saying this, but please remember to let yourself enjoy them too, there’s nothing at all wrong with enjoying the processes of both making and eating food. :)


Finally, as promised, some quotes:


“Lucy those brownies are amazing!!!!”


“They are the best brownies in the world”

“Not to be dramatic but these were the BEST brownies I’ve ever eaten in my life.”


Lucy Bax (she/her), is a student in England with a love for making and eating good food that makes you, and others feel good! Her Instagram handle is @lucybaxinthekitchen - check it out if you fancy! x