Photo Essay: How fragile is my mind?

Trigger Warning: Discussions of emotional and mental distress and illness.

Images and Writing by Jasper Teoh

During the pandemic, widespread mental health struggles have brought to the attention of many schools and medical centres the importance of remaining stable and healthy. The “apocalypse” hasn’t been kind to many of us. Depression. Stress. Anxiety. These images represent one interpretation of our emotions when we are suffering alone.

Image 1: Combining two pictures of water, I altered the hue/saturation to create a contrast emotion of rage and tranquility. 

[Image Description: A highly edited nature image with blue and red tones.]

Image 2: Shattered in the brain – In the end, your mind is unable to cope with all of the emotions and it feels impossible to live. You suddenly feel broken and lost because you cannot cope with what’s happening.  

[Image Description: An edited image of the ocean, partly calm and partly with dramatic waves.]

Image 3: Relapsed in the mind – When you cannot remember something you wish you could think about. Here, I merged two contrasting settings of the photos before overlapping with the change of the opacity. Then, I altered the filter of the finished image. 

[Image Description: An edited image of trees taken from below.]

Image 4: Started with a shot of the window covered by the fog before combining with another image of branches of the trees to create a misty effect within the mind. This emphasized the confusion of the mind ; remaining unclear in uncertain times. 

[Image Description: A photo of trees with no leaves.]Jasper Teoh is a student who has been inspired by the emotions in his mind, especially during the pandemic, to support others, especially through awareness of mental health.