Poem: The Perfect Something

Artwork by Emily Bourne.
[Image description: A cut out photograph of a feminine figure putting her hand to her lips. The background is a dark purple and the border is silver, with glitter.]

Poem by Katie Green. 

The Perfect Something

Beyond the wood of the door, and the glass of the windows,

You seek the perfect something, but you know not what sits on the receiving end.

Its him. The gilded man, with a broken soul,

Look, look how the rosy glints of the sunlight hours catch his face. He almost looks alive.

He holds a Daisy, stained crimson with bloody tears, and he tells you

'This is life, you have to love it, you have to love me'

And so you do, you fall, deeper and deeper, as if your poison settling beneath the skin.
 You love him the way fragile kids love their gorgeous bullies,

You love him for kissing you with tenderness,

You love him, for holding you, in the still of the very night you fear

But it isn't real,

 with every kiss, your heart is scored with tiny glass shards and the aroma of buttery toast that dances and curls like grey wisps of smoke no longer smell like someone you love.