Poem: It's Good To Be Feared

[Image description: the background is messily painted orange, and in the background of the image, to the right, is a paint brush with some paint still on it. In the middle of the picture 'IT'S GOOD TO BE FEARED' is typed out and below it is typed  'A POEM BY CHELSEA BARTELL'.]

Poetry by Chelsea Bartell.

Chelsea says that 'It's Good to Be Feared' is a piece about "discovering my own magic. It is a battle cry. It is an epiphany. It is a reclamation of everything I had been denying. I realized that despite living in a world where we're all trying to find someplace to fit in, we're all truly terrified of people that don't have to find a place. They just know who they are and they're not bothered by the rest of us scrambling to discover ourselves." In essence, this poem is the journey of Chelsea's self-discovery.

It's Good To Be Feared

“Maybe people are afraid to touch you because you're a masterpiece.”

They’re afraid of my magic staining their soul? They’re afraid of me basking in my own grace
and pure artistry? I’m proud of my composure and anyone that’s afraid to touch me isn’t rooted
properly themselves. Once they discover the art resonating in their flesh and bone, they too will
become a masterpiece of paramount beauty.

“Maybe people are afraid of you loving yourself.”

They should be afraid. I foster the energy of the Earth. I can conjure hurricanes with my words
and, I can be the beginning and end of everything. I was afraid to love myself until, I became
aware and could, authentically, speak my gospel.

“Maybe people are afraid of understanding you.”

What is it they’re afraid to comprehend? Is it that I understand myself and they don’t? Do they
not know the bounds of their authenticity? Do they fear my authenticity? There’s nothing to fear.
My truth is this, I have a deep, unwavering desire to help and heal. I want people to experience
their validity circulating through their veins and somehow that’s intimidating.

“Maybe people are afraid to meet the artist.”

I have stared, pensively, at intrepid masterpieces; where souls are spliced wide open and born
onto a canvas. It’s so irrevocably there— the graceful blend of haunting darkness and divine
light. I quiver. I too was intimidated and fearful to meet my artist, who bore her soul so
vulnerably. Now, I proudly swipe, splatter and smudge my goodness everywhere I go.

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