Poem: Vertigo

Artwork by Emily Bourne/@floteren
Image description: a drawing of two people kissing passionately.

This month's reader submission comes from 17 year old Abiola-Awe Oluwatise from Lagos, Nigeria.



Remember this.
This second, This minute.
Savour the smoothness of the air you inhale.
Enjoy this.
The fluid feel of the pen in your hand as your emotions melt to ink and stain the canvas of
your notepad to create a masterpiece displayed only in the gallery of the corner of your
Answer this.
The numerous calls your brain puts through to you, embrace the ring of the migraine,
Puff a smoke with your spirit,
Harmonize this.
The melody of the air as it leaves your lungs, the medley made by instruments you never
knew existed, every tune every perfectly timed beat of your weary heart,
Live it.
Satisfy your thirst for purpose, Entertain your will to live, Project your consciousness to a
reality fictional to everyone except you.
Fuel your desire, Smile for the flash, embrace her, hold her hand, close your eyes, laugh, cry,
die, enjoy the euphoria of being alive.
Spin life in her red dress, slow motion.
Waltz, two step.
Kiss her unrealistically soft lips.
Never let go.