Reader submission: The Steam of Tears

Photography by Beth Galton.
[Image description: Someone holding a mug]

This month's reader submission comes from 17 year old Abiola-Awe Oluwatise from Lagos, Nigeria.



Mother’s food was always sweetest after I cried.
The bitter sweet mixture of pain and satisfaction is a memory I still cherish till this day.
The taste of pepper filled okra soup and tears was the beautiful prelude to my gradual
compensation and relief,
The smell, the taste, the feelings it induced upon shores of my brain were nothing short of
surreal and heavenly.
The teary face would eventually metamorphose into a smiling one, as steam of the steam
faded in and out of existence, evaporating the tears.
But you’re grown now, and tears must now be deposited in the bank behind the windows to
your soul, As mother no longer makes soups.