Image description: a black person holding up a sign reading ‘there comes a time when silence is betrayal’.

Article put together by Amelia Foy and Emily Bourne.

Hi everyone,

As Risen Zine are still going through our redesign on here and our site, we have been posting less frequently on here and sharing resources/information on our personal accounts. However, we are very privileged to have this platform and are going to use it to promote Black Lives Matter stories, information and resources in our stories and on our feed. Stay tuned.

We always have and always will stand with #BlackLivesMatter and encourage everyone to continue to engage with anti-racist actions, even as the media slows reporting about what is happening. What has always been happening in America and beyond.

Below, we’ve put together a compilation of resources and will be posting more all through the month of July.

Love & solidarity,
Risen Zine


Our past articles on Black lives: