Reader Submission: Shimmering All In Wet

[Image description: A portrait of a the neck/chest area of a feminine body. There is visible glitter, 4 necklaces and they are wearing a gold coloured cardigan.]

Reader submission by Bella Serrao.

Shimmering All in Wet

Buzz of the sunshine on your face

Blanket on the grass

In the world’s most finest place

This moment will never pass

Hint of grass smell on the swish

Lifting of the leaves

Sat so still and so serene 

This moment will never leave

Subtle sound of rustling leaf

Ice cold lemonade 

So refreshed and drenched in peace

This moment will never trade

Dainty sips of été - cold

Closed are your eyes

So awake but so unconscious

This moment starts to compromise

Trickles trail down tracks of your back

The sun still shines on

Petrichor of rain now gone 

This moment starts to con

Chugging, spilling, drip - dropping chill

Day utter spoiled

Shine hides behind clouds of shame

Kettle sloshing boiled

Lonely days with heated mugs 

Tartan blankets too

Pathetic drizzle preventing 

With nothing much to do

Crack opens up to reveal a sphere

With such great magic

To see the miserable world

Except what it saw was not tragic

Oh to think such a sunny day 

Ruined by a threat 

Could turn out so magical

When shimmering all in wet